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    For Prashant Kalra, founder and proprietor, Delhi Food Tours (DFT) are a way for non-resident Indians (NRIs) to get back to their roots."We rarely have any Indian guests as our products are designed to introduce people to India. We have had a few NRIs who are coming home after a long time or bringing their children here for the first time," Kalra told IANS adding that DFT has serviced guests from 35 countries since its inception in 2011.

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    Delhi without the belly. Indeed, most of us, when we travel, wish we had a friend to point us away from tourist traps and solve tantalizing mysteries. An enthusiastic food guide fills that void. “Food tours are very different from regular tours,” says Prashant Kalra

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    Everyone wants their spouse to share a common interest with them. Understand their love for their passion and support their dream. But it’s indeed a match made in heaven when a couple is so in love with food and everything around it, as much as, they are with each other.

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    This is a personalised tour. Guests are asked beforehand about their food allergies and preferences," says Kalra. "They are picked up from their hotel and taken to different eateries across the city. We also organise a tea-tasting ceremony under the guidance of professional tea taster.

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    WhizTea at Nero, Le Meridien, New Delhi

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    Appam, rice crepes and parathaBy now I was feeling quite stuffed, but Prashant pressed on and we entered a busy sit-down restaurant typical of the Punjab, with ‘butter chicken’ being the equivalent of our homegrown chicken tikka masala.

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    Prashant, 27 years young boss of Delhi Food Tour - a circuit to discover the secrets eateries in the city, highly recommended experience - meanwhile believes that "contrary to what activists say supermarkets the prices are not necessarily lower in a hypermarket. The vast majority of small businesses working with margins ridiculous.

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    Talking about Indian culinary tours, Prashanth Kalra, owner of Delhi Food Tours, says, “DFT was born on account of my genetic obsession with food. I wanted to give foreign guests a way to see Delhi through the eyes and taste buds of a local.”So how does a guide help? “A culinary tour guide keeps in mind allergies, spice sensitivity and dishes that people have always wanted to try. We don’t do ‘one size fits all’ tours. We tweak each tour as per the requirement of our guests and we guarantee one guide for every four people. If a guest is gluten intolerant, we change the tour accordingly. If there are allergies that we cannot cater to (such as nuts), we then decline tours.”

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    Foodies. They are a certain breed of person, driven to extract the tastiest treats out of any locale. They travel primarily for the experience of food and local beverages, and are known to swoon in rapture at discovering a new delight, and instantly bore everyone they know with tales of its deliciousness.

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    Prashant - " Most of our guests come to India with a fear of Indian food despite their overwhelming desire to try it. The desire is stronger with places like delhi which has a legendary food culture.

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    “Our interaction with our guests starts way before they come to Delhi and we try and gauge their preferences, sensitivities, and allergies to food. We personally take them out and show them a good time. More often than not, my wife and I conduct tours jointly. What that means is that someone is getting a customised tour based on his likes and preferences, and secondly, you have well-travelled, educated professionals who are taking you out and showing you a part of Delhi that is part of mainstream Delhi culture.”

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    That was when she contacted Prashant Kalra at Delhi Food Tour. According to Melanie, DFT, despite having started only in November 2011, scored over the other options in Delhi.It promised to be a unique experience personally supervised by a well-travelled food guide showing them the best eating spots in town, picking only the cleanest and safest places to eat without any compromise on taste. After all, travellers today want more than the usual, overpriced 5 star restaurant experience.

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    It started off as something I would do for my close friends when they would visit Delhi to educate them that Indian food goes way beyond Chicken Tikka Masala.