Chai Pani Walk

Delhi Food Tours presents a food walk like no other. Explore the historic city of Delhi with its array of chai (tea), coffee and snacks for different corners of India.

India has a long culture of sipping tea as a beverage. Over the centuries, it has become a customary welcome for guests. India is a land where guests are treated with reverence, and considered as a divine messenger in the Hindu culture.

Atithi devo bhava!

India has different varieties of teas grown in the country. You have Assam, Darjeeling and other tea growing areas with unique flavours tea.

That’s not all. The tea preparations vary across the country. Some tea preparations have salt instead of sugar, some use lemon, with and without milk, and lots more.

Even coffee has a rich presence in the country, primarily in the southern parts of the country. Try the authentic filter coffee of south India.

Experience Indian tea houses with long history, modern tea cafes for more sophisticated ambience, road-side tea stalls with their unique flavours, and much more.

Our Delhi food tours and walks are available only through prior bookings, on a customized basis. Drop us a message, and we will dish out a quick tour plan to suit your appetite.